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Router Configuration

 / Router Configuration

What is a router, anyway?

At its most basic, a router is just a device that accepts packets on one interface and forwards them on to another interface that gets those packets closer to their eventual destination. That’s not what most of us are really thinking when we think of “a router” in the sense of something we’ll plug into our home or office to get to the Internet, though. What do we need to have before any homebrew device looks like a router?

For most of us, the important bits will be routing, NAT, DHCP, and DNS. Below are more configurations offered by KTSL:-

  • Routing
  • Network Address Translation
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Domain Name Service
  • Router hardware
  • Router operating system
  • Configuring network interfaces
  • Enabling forwarding
  • Enabling NAT
  • Setting up DHCP and DNS