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Designed specifically to enable and boost the skills of upcoming IT Engineers and new IT students by taking their IT know-how to the next level.

All interested participants must be ready to make their hands dirty and be prepared for lots of hands-on activities in our Kvision IT labs, a lot will be covered. Mathew Kague a professional IT Engineer with over 20 years’ experience has been working for some international organizations e.g. International Committee of The Red cross ( ICRC ) where most of the network and telephone infrastructures across 11 African Countries were designed and installed by Mathew.
Also worked more than 4 years in IT Department as a CSO (Infrastructure Engineer) for British NHS and was based in one of the acute sites (NHS Monklands Hospital) but decided to resign on the 1st May 2020, his idea is to pursue his dreams of empowering and building communities IT skills in various countries and boosting confidence to existing and upcoming entrepreneurs by integrating their businesses with Technology packages also by offering Hands-on Training. Mathew is gifted with multi-skills capabilities and is currently offering various Technical skills to many clients starting from young school kids.

Mathew is ready and well prepared to take you through the journey, his patience and good listening skills is an advantage to all the enrolled students, he will take you through the entire IT practical training and will not stop keeping you right until fully convinced that you can perform any technical task assigned to you without any assistance and most important… Professionally

All enrolled will learn the following by the end of the training session:

            • Introduction to Linux server
            • Installation of Linux Server
            • Joining Linux Server to the Local network
            • Configuration of NIC interface
            • Windows Server System Administration
            • Printer configuration
            • Internet connection and troubleshooting
            • How to update and upgrade the server
            • How to change from user mode to Administrator level on the command prompt
            • How to check the version of your system from the command prompt
            • How to reboot or shutdown the Server from the command line
            • How to safely shutdown the Server from the command line